Fascia and Soffit Replacement Guide

Many new home owners are concerned, rightly so, as to the condition of these when purchasing a house. They aren’t always the easiest to maintain or diagnose and faults can cause hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds worth of damage if left unchecked! So when should you replace fascias and soffits? Hopefully it’s not when someone knocked on your door and made you an offer you simply couldn’t refuse.

Things to remember are that any leaks from your gutters will drip across the fascia boards, making them vulnerable to weather related deterioration. When faced with rotting fascia boards, a homeowner has the following options to make the house look good again:

  1. Cladding the existing fascia boards with UPVC panels – this is the cheapest option but if the fascia boards are falling apart the cladding won’t hold. Cladding could be an option for new timber fascia boards to protect them against wet weather.

  2. Rip out any weather damaged fascia boards and replace them with new timber fascias. Just be aware timbers will require preservative treatment before putting up and regular mantenance.
  3. Replace wooden fascias with UPVC fascia board which requires very minimal maintenance and is weatherproof and therefore durable.

Here at Dobson Roofing Ltd we have been repairing Soffits and Fascias since 1982 and when considering any replacement or repair there are few things to remember:

  • It is impossible to quote for a job without inspection as old soffits and fascias hide an absolute multitude of sins. Once inspected your contractor can then determine the overall cost for labour and materials and this should be broken down for the customer beforehand so they can see where the money is going.

  • Be aware that scaffolding can be expensive where sometimes safety conscious alternatives can save a fortune i.e. van mounted lifts etc.

Complementary work can be done alongside fascias and soffit replacements

If you are spending money getting your fascias and soffits replaced, you may consider having complementary work done at the same time. This could save considerable expenditure in the future, especially if you are having scaffolding put up. Examples of this work include:

  • Installation and repair of rainwater downpipes.
  • Repair and replacement of guttering.
  • Roof tile repairs and replacements.
  • Minor repairs such as cement pointing or repairs to roof rafters.

Getting quotes for any extra work you need doing is very important because you will know how much the whole project will cost, and if you have the budget for it.

Top Things to Ask Tradesmen Before Undertaking Fascia and Soffitt replacement

When you are talking to any contractor about your soffit and fascia replacement job it is important to ask the right questions to make sure the tradesperson you choose to carry out the work is right for you.

  • Do you have appropriate and sufficient public liability insurance to undertake the job?

    A reputable company like Dobson Roofing will always keep this up-to-date. The insurance must cover the type of work being undertaken as well as to the value appropriate for any consequential damages that could occur.

  • How many similar projects have you undertaken before?

    Talk to your tradesman about their previous jobs and ask them to provide you with their work portfolio as well as the contact details of previous clients who are happy to act as references. For instance a company like Dobson Roofing have been fitting and maintaining roof soffits and fascias since 1982 so you can be sure that we know our stuff!

  • What are the payment schedules for the work and how do you take payments?

    It is important to know up front when payment or payments will be required. This is especially required for larger jobs when large volumes of materials are needed.

  • Is your work guaranteed and for how long?

    There can be small teething problems after large scale works have been completed. A reputable company like Dobson Roofing will make sure, as a part of your written quote, these terms are clearly laid out for you.

  • Are you a UK registered company or self employed and does you quote include VAT?

    It is good to know the type of company you are working with, if they are a limited company like Dobson Roofing Ltd or a sole trader. Being a registered business provides a level of security but many good quality tradespeople are also self-employed (as are many cowboys!). When you receive an estimate or quote, always check that VAT (if applicable) is included in the total cost.